A tribute to Jim Osborn

by | June 3, 2020 | Blog, In The News

Today, we celebrate the life of Jim Osborn (1939-2020), the longest-serving Board Member in Millionair Club Charity’s history and a man with a passion for helping others. Over the course of several decades, Jim touched the lives of countless men and women in the Seattle area through his compassion, leadership, and desire to do good for his community. A local business owner himself (Paratex), Jim worked to empower people through employment opportunities and fundamental support services. In fact, he worked alongside Millionair Club Charity’s founder, Martin Johanson, at the beginning of his term and contributed to the organization’s community-based mission all the way up to 2019. We are grateful to have been blessed with such an unwavering, dedicated Board Member whose legacy of stewardship will live on.

A few words from those who worked with Jim at Millionair Club Charity:

“Jim was a cornerstone of the Millionair Club Charity. As the longest serving board member in the history of the MCC, he brought a wealth of knowledge and mission-driven focus to our Board. When he began working with the organization, he did so with its founder, Martin Johanson. He was someone I looked up to and admired for his lifetime of devotion and service. His generosity and loyalty were unmatched.”
Holly Gardner, current Board Member and former Board President

“Jim was a wonderful person and his open heart and love for the Seattle community will be sorely missed. I first met Jim at the Millionair Club Charity where he was the longest serving Board Trustee. Jim contributed both his time and resources to help guide the club through many decades of change. Jim, we love you and will miss you.”
Dan Keto, Former Board President

“I was most impressed with his earnestness. There wasn’t any artifice, any ego, or any ulterior motives. Jim genuinely cared about the issues at hand and worked to resolve them.”
Neal Starkman, Current Board Member

“The world needs more of the good ones, and we lost one with his passing. Jim served as a mentor, a friend to many of us, and always grounded us back to our original mission when we drifted. I will truly miss his friendship.”
Jim Miller, Executive Director

“After four decades serving as a board member at the Millionair Club Charity, all of us at MCC can say with certainty that Jim Osborn was a community treasure. Not in the sparkly, show-offy way; but in that quiet, steady, foundational way, of providing a listening ear, offering the wisdom of experience, and contributing whatever resources he could to the mission. His steadfast support of MCC meant thousands of men and women in the Seattle area became ready for work and connected with jobs to help escape homelessness.  He will be greatly missed.”
Chris Rylko, Chief Operations Officer

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