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If you have a well-stocked pantry and you’re able to work from home right now, you are in very good shape to stay safe from the virus. Thousands of people in the Seattle area who may not have homes or may not have stable employment cannot necessarily say the same. I work for Millionair Club […]


The homelessness crisis in the Seattle area is a massive social dilemma, and it is also a significant financial situation for the taxpayers of the city. Millions of public dollars are pumped into diffusing the situation each year, and those costs add up quickly for the average taxpayer. According to the most recent estimates from […]

Written by: Geoff Ball, Chief Development Officer After a competitive and rigorous screening process, Millionair Club Charity has selected Slalom to provide guidance and support for our re-branding project. After 98 years of operation, our organization recognizes the need to take a close look at our presence and brand strength in the Puget Sound Region. […]

Who are homeless people in Seattle? Are they the petty criminals breaking into your cars? Are they the low-life drug addicts doing anything for a fix? Are they the people who want to remain homeless and live off public services indefinitely? Are they the mentally ill past the point of help? Or are they even […]

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