Praise For Our Workers

“Having [the Millionair Club] help with pre-screening is like having your own built-in recruiter.”
~ Tracy, Diamond Parking Services

“The Millionair Club is an integral part of the community and provides services to the community at large and businesses.”
- Randy, CEO of Northwest Protective Service

"James’s work ethic and overall manners exceeded my expectations, and I felt it was necessary to let you know that he is a great worker. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends or co-workers."
~ Karleen

"On Saturday, Brandon was sent out to work on the outside of my home. I asked him to clean and flush the gutters, rake up leaves, replace light bulbs and detach and roll up my long hose to store for winter. He did all of this in four hours, did not have to be reminded of anything and was a most pleasant fellow. I was most satisfied with the work."
~ Betty B.

"Mia was great! She worked very hard and did a great job! She was friendly and polite, and I could not have asked for more. She saved my day."
~ Angie

"I recently called the Millionair Club. My husband recently died and I am overwhelmed with things that need to be done in my home. Jack and Fred have been very respectful and considerate. They are a pleasure to work with and good company. I have been struggling with things for months and did not know where to turn in that my resources are very limited and I feel vulnerable. I feel comfortable and safe and am so pleased to see the work get done and see the high quality. I highly recommend Jack and Fred."
~ Bonnie N.

"This was my first time to hire workers from the Millionair Club, and I plan on hiring both of them in two weeks and in addition, I’m telling everyone I know and encouraging my friends to hire workers from the Millionair Club."
~ T.J.


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